Welcome to NYSchool.org!

What began as a conversation among local moms at play-dates to make the best educational choice for their kids, has evolved into a  series of formal events to help others in the community become knowledgeable about educational options in a supportive environment.

This desire to share in the knowledge and educational experience turned into the Annual Astoria School Symposium bringing together as many of the educational solutions for local families. 

Astoria School Symposium 2016 from Esmee Einerson on Vimeo.

As of 2016, we will also begin hosting a series of special topic forums to focus in more detail about the various educational options and ensure families can be well equipped to advocate for the best choice for their child(ren) and family!

Join us on this journey of strengthening our knowledge, building a community, and becoming empowered.


Siveem E-Nashar & Margarita Soto

Co-founders NYSchool.org