Getting Started!

Official Government websites

New York City  Department of Education

New York State Department of Education

NYC Kindergarten Connect -online application process

Independent and Community websites

Inside Schools -independent guide to NY public schools  

Great Schools -national independent school review website

NYC Public- parents taking action resource

NY Schools -private & public school information

NY Coalition of Community Charter Schools

News & Media

NY Times & WNYC School Book -public media coverage on NYC schools

Chalkbeat -news site covering educational change in NYC

Homeschooling Resources

NYC DOE - official government homeschooling information website

Homeschool NYC -tools & resources

Parent Support Groups 

Queens Homeschoolers  

Homeschool New York

New York City Home Educator’s Alliance

Special Education

NYC DOE -official government special education process

NY State -special education parent's guide

NYC Charter School Center -special education collaborative

NY Institute for Special Education -providing educational programs

Learning Disabilities of NY State -advocacy organization & parent resources

Nurseries & Daycares

Childcare Avenue - childcare providers & day care centers directory